Let’s Find You Your Real Estate!

BML strives to enable individuals to invest in real estate without the need to borrow money from other financial instruments. Our business model allows you to  buy property and earn a guaranteed minimum rate of return on your investment which is higher than your bank rate. Our team consists of qualified real estate agents armed with over a decade of experience to help clients make the most profitable investment decisions from the real estate listings.

What's in it for you?

You Stand to Lose Nothing!

We offer a Minimum assured ROI of 4.5% if you plan to withdraw before maturity. Over the maturity period, you will be earning a huge ROI.

Investment within Your Budget.

Minimum investment starts from just Rs. 20k, which means you become a proud real estate investor without taking any loan!

Easy and Safe Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the plan anytime. We’ll repay your investment with interest within 72 working hours once you submit your money withdrawal form.

Best option over other financial investments.


 Yearly Returns (%)Level of SecurityTime Horizon
BML4.5 – 100Fully SecuredShort-Medium term
Share Market10 – 20Highly UnsecuredLong term
Mutual Funds12.60Partially SecuredLong term
Fixed Deposit2.50 – 5.75Fully SecuredLong term
Commodities5 – 18.3Partially SecuredMedium-Long term