Our Mission

To make your dream a reality by undertaking small but effective steps to create a stronger corporate conscience.

Our Vision

To emerge as a pioneer in the real estate investment sector.

Our Team

Mr Raja Utwani

Mr Raja Utwani


Mr Raja Utwani, a multi-preneur, is adept at expanding the company into new markets around the world and transforming it through acquisitions. He has a wealth of expertise and a thorough understanding of the rising real estate market.

He comes to the milestone with strong expertise in management and real estate consultancy. He graduated from a prestigious B School in Gujarat with a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in marketing. He is fascinated by technology and enjoys spending time with other inspiring individuals who share his vision of life, which is founded on genuine human qualities such as trust, loyalty, and respect. Both a passionate believer and an intense critic of the service, today. Mr Raja is driving the Company’s strategy and accelerating document productivity!

Samarth Ramanuj

Samarth Ramanuj


Mr Samarth has long been a stalwart in the Indian real estate industry. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and over a decade of experience, he transitioned to helping buyers, sellers, and investors in achieving their real estate goals. Accompanied by a problem-solving attitude, he has a track record of yielding clients mandatory returns by keeping their expectations, aspirations, and financial interests in mind. Commended for his outgoing personality, candour, honesty, and real estate expertise, Mr Samarth is committed to surpassing his clients’ expectations while also looking out for their best interests. 


In his own words, “it’s more than just a transaction.”